Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India

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Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India


The transition of our lifestyles from majorly home based to now majorly work and social based calls for changes in the way we run our households. With our lives becoming more and more busy, the need of using equipment and appliances to ease up the workload has become paramount.

Moreover, the traditional tidying methods of mopping and sweeping calls for bending and brings an unnecessary strain to one’s back, knees, spine and joints. One of the best inventions to take care of this has been the vacuum cleaner.


A vacuum cleaner is an electronic device that creates suction to pull up dirt particles from any surface. They effectively clean up any dirt, dust, and allergens to give you a clean environment. Not only are they handy to use, but also reduce the amount of time and effort that traditional broom dusting would take. The most latest vacuum cleaners come equipped with futuristic technology, such as cleaning even when you are not around, and multiple sensors to detect the surface type and amount of dirt on it. 


Vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable part of any household. In this article, we will shed light on some of the best Indian brands that make the finest, most durable and advanced vacuum cleaners which are available in India.


  • Eureka Forbes


Founded in 1982 and based in Mumbai, India, Eureka Forbes is a multinational company that makes water purifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and home security systems. It is a part of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group and has a vision of bringing a happy, healthy, safe and clean environment to its consumers. With such a dedicated purpose, it is no wonder that this company is trusted by over 5 million customers.

Eureka Forbes provides a vast range of vacuum cleaners to its customers. They come with a powerful suction and deep cleaning technology to allow you to clean your indoors, outdoors and even car interiors effortlessly. They have two series of vacuum cleaners- The Zerobend Series and the Deep clean series. Some of the patented technology that they incorporate in their vacuum cleaners include the Zero bend mode which gives you comfort and convenience by easily reaching under the furniture and other difficult to reach areas. A two way folding handle lets you easily store the vacuum cleaner anywhere.

These vacuum cleaners also come with a unique Edgeclean technology which directs the suction of the machine towards the borders so that all the dirt can be removed efficiently, even from the edges. They contain uniquely shaped bristles which sweep out dirt from hard to reach areas so that every corner of your home is sparkling clean. The vacuum cleaners by Eureka Forbes are equipped with a patented Bolt FC Roller brush which runs at a speed of 3000 RPM to mop up the toughest dirt and ensure a clean, mite free home. Other one of a kind technologies that one can expect in a Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner include the 36V Li-Ion battery, giving a 95 minute run time, the S2 and the S3 cleaning technology.


  • Inalsa


Inalsa was founded in 1967 and quickly made its name in the world of small home appliances among Asia and Europe. It is a subsidiary of the Taurus Group, which is headquartered in Spain. Inalsa is known to take big efforts to ensure the best quality products and services reach their customers.

 Inalsa offers various types of vacuum cleaners, from bagless, canister to handheld. While designing vacuum cleaners, safety has been the top priority of this brand. All the vacuum cleaners come with an overload protector to keep you safe from any unwanted accidents. The vacuum cleaner brand is conscious about the lack of floor space in a modern home, producing compactly designed vacuum cleaners for the Indian market. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, meaning air which is highly contaminated with tiny dust, dirt, pollen and other particulate matter.

Each vacuum cleaner from Inalsa comes with an HEPA filter to protect you from this unhealthy air, keeping all allergies at bay. The in built blower function and the airflow control provided on the handle are extremely convenient and easy to use. Never wrap a cord again, thanks to the Auto cord rewind feature that immediately retracts the cord within seconds. Each Inalsa vacuum cleaner comes with a reusable and washable dust bag. All the vacuum cleaners are manufactured under strict GS, CE, RoHS and ISI test standards. They are made with ISO quality systems and best in class vacuum cleaners are made thanks to the stringent quality checks carried out by this company.


  • Amazon Basics

 Amazon Basics was launched in 2009, and is a fairly young company and private label brand of the e-commerce giant Amazon. Originally built for tiny, inexpensive products, now this brand has taken off into all sectors, from kitchen tools and appliances, to tech accessories and other everyday items such as backpacks.

 Amazon Basics makes extremely compact and lightweight vacuum cleaners. They move very easily across floors and from room to room thanks to the smooth and swiftly moving roller wheels. It offers two basic variants of vacuum cleaners, with bag and bagless. All vacuum cleaners come equipped with HEPA 12 filtration systems which can be easily removed, washed and reused. With the Amazon Basics vacuum cleaner, you can even adjust the suction power to get rid of the most dirty corners.

Get perfect cleaning without any damage to your household items with the range of vacuum cleaners offered by this company. The Amazon Basics vacuum cleaners come with an energy efficiency rating of A (most efficient). This means that the vacuum cleaner is energy efficient and will lower your power pills, while being safe for the environment at the same time with zero compromise on performance. Other fantastic features include floor and carpet foot switch to allow you to transition between the two with ease, A rating for dust re-emission, meaning you get cleaner air from it, instant retracting cord and various accessories to help you reach tight corners and crevices.


  • Philips


A subsidiary of Royal Philips of the Netherlands, Philips India is no stranger to all of us. We certainly have some or the other Philips products in all our homes. Not only is this brand a market leader in home care appliances, but has also gained a significant reputation in the health technology industry. 


Philips makes state of the art vacuum cleaners with a high suction power to clean dirtiest nooks in minutes. They come with unique dust filters that cleanse the air in the home environment of all suspended dust and dirt particles. The vacuum cleaners from Philips stand out from its competitors in terms of their sleek look and compact size which is reflected by its easy portability and storage.

The top Philips vacuum cleaners come with the latest technology such as the Power Cyclone 5 technology which efficiently removes the dirt from air, Allergy H13 filter, EPA10 filter, Active lock coupling which allows the vacuum to regulate and fine tune any task, soft brush which is integrated on the handle itself, and the Turbo brush nozzle. The company provides a 2 year warranty for most of the models. The vacuum cleaners manufactured by this company consequently top the rating charts and are one of the favourites of all families, in India, as well as all over the world.



 Kärcher was founded by inventor and entrepreneur Alfred Kärcher in 1935 as a heating technology solutions company. Kärcher makes extremely robust multi-purpose vacuum cleaners which are designed to handle any type of cleaning- from living rooms and bedrooms, to even basements, garages and terraces. The supremely powerful suction and specially designed nozzle can pick up even large chunks of dirt with ease.


Kärcher’s WD range of vacuum cleaners are the latest, with the most futuristic design for occasional as well as intensive everyday use. You can find the right device with Kärcher, thanks to a large catalogue of vacuum cleaners to suit every need. They also offer an extensive and practical range of accessories for use with their vacuum cleaners. The perfect floor nozzle and the right sized hose for specialised filter systems and much more equipment which are designed to use in a convenient and easy way.

This company is also very open about the suction power of their devices, unlike the other companies. Their latest vacuum cleaners have been designed from scratch to make extremely powerful devices without any change in power thanks to their energy efficient motors. They even ensure an optimal sealing of all device accessories and a flow optimized design to give you the best value for your money. Kärcheris a brand you can rely on. They meet all your specific requirements and give you the best cleaning of your home.


  • Prestige

 Founded in 1928, the TTK Group, under the leadership of Mr. T. T. Krishnamachari, today, it has 7 group companies spanning 30 categories and an annual turnover of over 30 billion rupees. 

TTK Prestige Limited has catered to the needs of the homemakers of India for many many decades now. Their vacuum cleaners are no exception. Prestige makes some of the most advanced vacuum cleaners that completely eliminate dust to give you a clean and healthy environment. A consistent use of their vacuum cleaners will surely make your home shine, and bring it back to its “wow” state. They make powerful motors to suck up the heaviest dust particles. With long cables, compact, lightweight and sleek designs, HEPA filter, Prestige vacuum cleaners are nothing but ideal for you. Prestige also makes multi utility wet and dry vacuum cleaners that do the job of sweeping as well as mopping of your floors. 

The accessories and attachments included in the prestige vacuum cleaners include a floor brush, an upholstery brush and a crevice too as well. They are uniquely designed to fit seamlessly into the hose and also do not let any of the air to leak while functioning. Get an absolutely spotless home in a jiffy when you trust Prestige vacuum cleaners.



Black and Decker began their journey as a small machines shop in Baltimore, USA. They are responsible for patenting the world’s first cordless vacuum cleaner, which they launched as Black & Decker Dustbuster in January 1979. Interestingly, this company also found itself on the moon in the form of a space drill invented by them to collect lunar samples on the Apollo Space mission.

Black & Decker are known to make easy to maintain vacuum cleaners that cater to all your cleanliness and hygiene requirements of your home with ease. They make varying vacuum cleaners, from without bag to bagged, wet and dry and even automatic vacuum cleaners. Perhaps the most impressive technology is the Spillbuster, which is exclusively seen on all their handheld vacuum cleaners. These clean up untouchable messes such as pet and children messes so you never have to come in contact with them.

You can easily pick up wet and chunky messes using this and also scrub stains using the brush and the formula dispenser to easily clean all dirt without having to touch it at all. Many upright vacuum cleaners come with an AirSwivel technology which is ideal for carpets and hardwood floors. They can reach hard to reach areas ith ease and can efficiently clean the tightest spots. Black and Decker vacuum cleaners are a great choice if you want great functionality with a value for money.


  • Dyson

 The founder of Dyson, Mr. James Dyson is renowned for introducing pioneering features among cleaning appliances. Being a great mastermind himself, he was the pioneer of bagless vacuum cleaners, and was the first one to introduce the idea of it to the world. He is also responsible for designing cyclonic filtration systems. Dyson vacuum cleaners are made with the most cutting edge technology that mankind has seen in the history of home appliances.

 The ball technology and the cyclone technology have been great breakthroughs in the field of home care and have helped make Dyson Vacuum cleaners one of a kind. They have also been the first in the world to manufacture vacuum cleaners with transparent bins to collect dust in. The reason that these vacuum cleaners are so popular with the consumers is because they are extremely upfront about the suction power of their machines.

Usually, companies are not okay with revealing this information, and most only give a power rating for the customers to rely on. They also carry out stringent and thorough testing of each of the new products that they introduce in the market. Hence, customers never mind the premier prices that the company sells these vacuum cleaners for. The company makes typically five types of vacuum cleaners- upright, cordless, canister, handheld and robot vacuum cleaners.

Dyson is a wonderful choice if money is not a factor in your decision for selecting a vacuum cleaner, giving you years of trustworthy and maintenance free service.


  • KENT

 Kent started its operations from Noida, India in 1999, bringing Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology of water purifying for the first time in India. It is also a company that patented the RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller that not only purifies the water but also preserves all the natural minerals and nutrients that are required for a healthy functioning of the body. A company with so much concern for the consumer’s health and safety is truly a company that one must invest in.

Kent’s vacuum cleaners make it safer, healthier and cleaner for you to live in your home. Their vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA technology to remove air contaminants and dust. The modern motors of the vacuum cleaners are highly efficient in sucking up dirt from all the corners of the house. The vacuum cleaners use an advanced cyclonic technology, which creates aerodynamics that equally distributes powerful suction, is best for home use.

Other unique features that one can see in a Kent vacuum cleaner include, UV disinfection light, varied and multiple brush attachments, an auto cord retraction system, and compact, lightweight designs for easy storage. You can use Kent vacuum cleaners to clean up your couch, bed, upholstery, carpets, floors, windows and much more. With a nationwide service network of over 1500 service centres, Kent is not only a great brand of top quality vacuum cleaners, but also ensures you get the quickest resolution of all your problems.



 ECOVACS Robotics (ECOVACS) was at the forefront of modern technology long before the concept of Smart Homes became a universal trend. With its beginning 20 years ago as a visionary start up for smart home robotics, ECOVACS has become a worldwide leader in home and industrial robotic cleaning devices, air purifiers, surveillance and security devices. ECOVACS is popular for their floor cleaning robots or as they like to call them, the Deebots.

The Deebot vacuum cleaner by ECOVACS is a unique, one of a kind machine floor cleaner. These robotic devices move around the entire house and clean the floors without you having to do anything at all. With its cutting edge True Detect 3D technology, this machine can smartly move around the house while detecting any obstacle and avoiding it.

The True Mapping technology maps your home to ensure each corner is cleaned thoroughly. It automatically empties the dustbin on its own too, giving you complete freedom from the worry of keeping your home clean. The dToF laser detection system detects and maps any items from a large distance.

You can also map your home and not only conduct multi floor mapping, but also define virtual boundaries where the Deebot cannot go using their app. This robot also mops and vacuums at the same time. This is indeed, an ideal device for someone with a busy life who cannot spare any time to clean the house.



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