Top 6 Best Food Processor Brands in India

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6 Best Food Processor Brands in India


Food Processor is an inevitable part of cooking and life. You need them to make most of the delicious recipes. If you’re confused about which brand would be the best for your kitchen then this article aims to give you a list of best Food Processor Brands. 


  • Philips

Phillips is known for its innovations In products that adds value to our life. Hence they have manufactured appreciable food processors that work as smooth as butter. They have high quality blades and reasonable pricing. Phillips is by far the most trusted brand when it comes to appliances and they will not disappoint you with their food processors. 


The Philips HL1661 food processor comes with a chutney jar and literally the best choice that you can make. It has a powerful 700 W motor that makes it process smoothly. The jars that you get along are leak proof and made of high quality material. The size is very compact so it won’t occupy more space at your home. You get to change the speed by the knob and get the proper consistency. You can easily assemble all the accessories. The base stands provide enough support while processing. Go grate slice mix everything with this food processor. It is one of the best selling food processor in the market with a warranty period of 2 years. You can check more variety of food processors of Philips and select the best for your kitchen. They are available on all online platforms and local stores. All the customer reviews regarding Philips food processors are positive. 


  • Bajaj

Bajaj being one of oldest and highly trusted brand in the market knows what customers exactly customers need. Keeping that in mind Bajaj has brought some commendable food processors that will make processing food 10 times easier. You don’t have to drain your pocket to get them home as the rates are customer friendly. To put an end to all your doubts Bajaj food  processors are here. 


Bajaj Food Factory FX11 tops the list of best Food Processors. It supplies 600 W power for efficient processing and blending. It can perform multiple functions and reduce your time of chopping and mixing. It work up to 3 speed and you can manage the speed with adjustable knob. You get 3 jars and a processing bowl. The jars are made of stainless steel and polycarbonate which makes them last longer. For safety of the user it has interlocking system that prevents accidents. The whole body is hard and tough which makes it durable for a very long time. It comes with a warranty period of 2 years. You can check out more variable Bajaj food Processors from all online stores and nearby local stores. Get ready to bring home your ultimate dose of happiness. 


  • Rico

Rico is consistently making its mark with the high quality effective products. You should totally trust their food processors as a lot of thoughts have been put up to serve the best to its customers. Rico food processors will be light on your pocket and stay with you for very long. Their food processors highly durable and manageable. Buying Rico food processors will enlighten your house and kitchen. 

Rico multi-purpose food processor has power of 400 W. It works smoothly and does the job with perfection. Chopping, sliding, kneading and mixing it can do all you want. You get detachable blades and accessories. Its’ compact structure and light weight makes it fit anywhere. It has 2 speed setting which you can choose as per your accordance. The body is balanced on anti skid feet which prevents it from sliding while doing the chores. The blades are strong and sharp and does the job. You get a handle attached to the body that will ensure good grip. You can check out more. Such amazing Rico food processors from all online stores. Rico food processors are also available in local markets. Go ahead and get the best for your kitchen in minimal price. 


  • Morphy Richards 

Morphy Richards is a brand that has excelled tremendously in manufacturing quality kitchen appliances and the range of their food processors will blow your mind. They have designed their food processors by thoughtfully keeping customers’ benefit in mind. If you want the best in your house then Morphy Richards is just the right choice. All their products will fall light on your pocket. 


Morphy Richards icon superb food processor has a motor of 1000 W. Its performance will overwhelm you completely. You get 7 different options for slicing. It facilitates Quadra flow technology. It helps blend the food items perfectly. You get 4 different jars to perform various tasks.

You get a warranty period of 2 years. The cherry on the cake is its centrifugal juicer in which you can make healthy juices. In all you get 11 different attachments performing 16 different tasks. It is constantly marked as the best selling food processor in the market and hence has high demand. Make this investment and bring this all rounder at your home. You can by this or any other Morphy Richards Food Processor from your nearby local store or on any online platforms. All the customers have positive reviews about Morphy Richards food processors. 


  • Butterfly

You can’t talk about food processors without taking Butterfly’s name. You’ll be overwhelmed after seeing their range and die to make them yours. The food processors are super handy and long lasting. You don’t have to worry about the rates as they are very reasonable. 

The Butterfly BFP17 food processor has a capacity of 1.5 litres. It looks classic and elegant. The jars and lids are designed in a way that the material inside wouldn’t spill out. You can carry out variety of activities in just no time. It is the best selling food processor in the market. You can control its speed with the regulating knob as per your requirements. The blades are multi purpose and sharp.

They blend and process everything smoothly. The motor has power of 650 W which performs amazingly. The jars that you get are made of polycarbonate which gives it longer durability. The safety lock system prevents accidents. 2 years of warranty is issued with this product. If you’ve already made your mind then you can buy this from any online store or nearby local store. You can also choose from more such efficient Butterfly food processors. There have been a wave of satisfaction among the customers. 


  • Wonderchef 

Wonderchef is known for doing wonders with its products. The brand has achieved heights in manufacturing kitchen appliances. Their food processors are just out of the box and will make everyone fall for them. The pricing is reasonable for all the customers. If choosing the best is your aim then you should definitely go for Wonderchef. 

The Wonderchef Nutri blend compact food processor is the talk of the town. Due to its compact body and light weight you can even carry it with yourself anywhere you want. It will occupy very less space. It has a motor of power 400 W and does the job efficiently. You get all the nutrition from the fruits and vegetables by its 22000 rpm. You also get 4 unbreakable jars that you can use for different purposes.

The functioning of the food processor is very simple. It is easily cleanable so you don’t have to worry about the mess. You also get extra lid for covering and sprinkling. It comes with a warranty period of 2 years. It can fulfill all your food requirements. You can buy this or your favourite Wonderchef food blender from all online platforms and nearby local stores. The customers are extremely satisfied with the food processors of this brand.


These were the best brands that you can choose and purchase your food processor from. 


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