Top 8 Best Refrigerator Brands in India

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8 Best Refrigerator Brands in India


A refrigerator is nothing short of a household essential in today’s world. Being one of the most sought after appliances, a refrigerator is a must have in every home. Every Indian family looks out for refrigerators that not only has attractive features but also fits within their budget range.

Having a refrigerator should last you at least 8 to 10 years and hence, it is a long term investment. Since India is a tropical country, the climate here calls for a refrigerator to run all year long. For these reasons, doing some research and making an informed decision is one of the most important first steps of buying a refrigerator for your home.

Deciding which is the best refrigerator for you can be a daunting task. With many companies claiming that they have the best refrigerators, how do you know which claim is really true? Keeping your needs, preferences and budgets in mind, we have listed the top refrigerator brands in India so you can choose the best models from them.


  • Whirlpool

Whirlpool is an American multinational company whose home appliances have been widely recognized as the best in class world wide. Whirlpool strives to bring together innovation, convenience, design and functionality to make best rated refrigerators. With top notch features such as IntelliSense and AI Microprocessor, Whirlpool ensures all your requirements are met. 

The most impressive feature in Whirlpool refrigerators that caught our eye is their ability to adjust and optimize the temperature within on the basis of the food items kept inside and the temperature of the outside environment.

Thanks to the Flexi vents, you are always assured of getting uniform cooling. The top models also come with anti bacterial filters so there is always clean and fresh air circulating in all the compartments of the fridge. The anti odor action is a handy feature that reduces oxidation for maximum freshness of your cut fruits and vegetables.

The refrigerators have in built stabilizers and are designed to store cool air which can be released during a power cut, making it supremely adaptive to all types of conditions. The refrigerators also come with a large vegetable crisper, twisting style ice trays and collection boxes, frost free deep freezers, and sleek, contemporary design. Bringing home a Whirlpool refrigerator would mean bringing home an intelligent, modern and technologically advanced kitchen mate.


  • Haier

Ever since Haier introduced the market changing bottom mount fridge in India, it has become the most popular choice among Indian consumers. Additionally, the refrigerators created by this brand are extremely reasonably priced relative to their competitors.

One of our favourite features is the one hour cool technology that blast chills any item by reducing the temperature within the freezer to up to minus 5 degree celsius when you are in a hurry. Expect lower energy bills when you make a switch to Haier refrigerators thanks to their five star energy ratings.

Get smooth gliding drawers, beautiful and functional LED lighting, and optimizable humidity control so you can take charge of everything. Lots of Haier models are not only convertible, that is, the freezer can transform into a fridge as and when required, but also have twin twist ice trays, large vegetable crispers for storage, an anti microbial and fungal gasket lining the doors, a special door lock system and a stabilizer free functionality.

Haier also has a special app to help you gain even further control of how the refrigerator runs. With the help of their Fido App, you can receive quick and easy customer support, and even fine tune all refrigerator settings. With Haier, you are sure to receive hasslefree and convenient services.


  • Samsung

This South Korean multinational has been one of the consumer favourites for many years now. They offer amazing products at bargain prices. It’s brand value is increased with its top quality customer support and at home services. Another stand out feature is the large volumes of the refrigerators, much larger than the other competing brands.

Samsung makes an assortment of refrigerators, ranging from a single door to multiple door refrigerators. Easily access the lower levels in the two door fridges that this company manufactures. Their refrigerators come with temperature and humidity control as well. You can adjust the shelves, store water bottles in specialized bottle racks, have odour control with its deodorizer, and even get water and ice without even opening the fridge with its special water and ice dispenser.

Twisting type ice trays, recess handles, digital inverter technology, and hidden hinges make it a preferred choice of refrigerator for the people. If you are ever falling short of refrigerator space, you can convert the freezer to a fridge and even switch off the freezer when not in use.

The digital display as seen on the top notch models allow you to alter temperature settings, with a special Power Cool option to quickly bring down the temperature inside. With a special vegetable crisper, spare cool air storage, smart connect inverter, and many more exciting features, these refrigerators by Samsung make a worthwhile investment for your home.


  • LG

LG is short for ‘Life’s Good’, which is a motto that this brand keeps in mind while creating their appliances, appliances intended to make life good. When you trust an LG product, you trust that it will deliver quality, pocket friendliness, long life and complete customer satisfaction. They make some of the best in class refrigerators and we will tell you why.

LG makes so many different types of refrigerators, it is hard to keep count. From single door, to double door, from side by side to mini fridges, they have it all. Achieve temperature control and moisture control with the push of a button in an LG refrigerator.

They come with a smart inverter compressor that helps conserve electricity by smartly adjusting the amount of cooling required as per the amount of food placed in it. Provided with adjustable and modifiable shelves, ice and water dispensers, multi air flow cooling system, ice beam door cooling technology, deodorizers, twist ice making trays, and many more exciting features, an LG refrigerator is a perfect choice for any household.

They also have an auto connect feature that spontaneously connects the refrigerator to your inverter during the times that there is a power cut. This company truly understands the needs of an Indian household and modifies their refrigerators to withstand even large families, where the fridge gets opened many times in a day. LG is a reliable brand where you can buy your next refrigerator from.


  • Godrej

This well known Indian brand of home appliances brand that is known to launch affordable models of refrigerators in India. Godrej takes efforts to be conscious of the needs of its customers. This is one brand that people do not easily switch. 

Instilling the most modern features and introducing innovative technology are just a few ways that Godrej has proved its consistency and excellence in the Indian market. Since it is desi-made, it is reputed for being budget friendly at the same time.

This company offers refrigerators with top notch energy ratings, negligible cool air loss, deepest insulation, a thick chiller tray at the base, a locking system in the doors, anti bacterial gasket, auto defrost technology, in built stabilizer, large volume of the vegetable crisper, sturdy and resistant glass racks, and much more.

By using zero emission low energy refrigeration with the lowest global warming capacity, they are not only environmentally conscious, but also mindful about your energy expenses. Perhaps the most interesting feature in their refrigerators is the carbon palladium deodorizer, which removes the odour, sanitizes the refrigerator air and also inactivates the ethylene gas that is released from fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresher for longer. 


  • Panasonic

Panasonic is a Japanese multinational electronic appliances corporation. It is a century old brand that started out as a company that made sockets for bulbs. It has already climbed to the leaderboard in Japan, and is coming close to finding its way to the top in India.

This company makes a large range of refrigerators. You can choose from top refrigerator, bottom refrigerator, double door fridge, single door fridge. Frost free fridges, and even multi door refrigerators at extremely competitive prices. These refrigerators offer some exciting features.

The Econavi Sensors scan and analyze the temperature and humidity conditions that give the most ideal refrigeration while sparing energy. They cool uniformly and the functional air filters ensure bacteria, fungi and mould are kept at bay. The tough, spill proof glass shelves are adjustable, and storing of vegetables and fruits just got easier thanks to their roomy veg cripers.

The most latest models even have a quick freeze feature that drops the refrigerator temperature from 32 degrees to minus 18 degrees celsius in less than 200 minutes. Now, you can enjoy your holiday in peace, without worrying about the energy bills that will pile up because of your running refrigerator all thanks to the vacation mode which you can enable in your Panasonic refrigerator. Panasonic makes the ideal refrigerators for all budget and family requirements.



Croma is relatively a young company, launched in 2006 in India as a one of a kind retailer offering multi brand gadgets and appliances. It has more than 6000 products of over 200 brands with stores across 40 cities in India. Croma introduced to the market its own label products in 2008 in our country. They are always looking at delighting their customers with their products and adding a greater value to their lives.

Croma refrigerators always live up to their motto. They have a seamless design that is sure to fit in your kitchen look. The toughened glass shelves are built to withstand the heaviest of utensils. The neat door racks for your bottles is a nifty way to have a more organized refrigerator space.

The humidity control settings ensure that your fruits and vegetables remain fresh for a longer period of time. The trendy looking refrigerators from Croma also have greater space, to keep in pace with the modern food storage requirements. The smart cooling freezer control keeps you incharge, so you can customize cooling as per your needs. These refrigerators are a value addition to your kitchen, as they are pocket friendly and come with excellent service assistance from Croma.


  • Bosch

This German brand of futuristic and technologically superior home appliances makes everything, from washing machines to dishwashers and even refrigerators. Thanks to its world renowned reputation, it has its own loyal market in India. 

There is plenty that Bosch refrigerators can do. From storing large volumes of food to organizing it with easy adjusting shelves, your life will just get a lot more easier. These energy efficient refrigerators are the first choice of any Indian consumer.

The advanced German technology that keeps food fresh, along with generating the lowest noise among competitors, Bosch is a fantastic combination of functionality and luxury. The sensor based Varioinverter compressor, that comes with a 10 year warranty, saves upto 30% more energy than other refrigerators. The two independent cooling systems ensure a uniform and all round cooling of all parts of the fridge.

They come with coveted features such as an advanced air filter, bottle grid, multi air flow system, active warning technology to warn you when temperature rises, a large box, strategically placed LED lights on the fridge, fresh sense technology, Vita fresh system, anti fingerprint handles and so much more.

Even though refrigerators from this company are on the higher range price-wise, they are worth all your money. Bosch is indeed, German engineering, at its finest.

With the help of this list of the best refrigerator brands in India, we hope to alleviate some of your confusion and make the task of buying the fridge of your dreams a breeze.

You must always ensure that you know your requirements, and weigh all options while still ensuring that everything remains within budget. This will help you wisely decide what refrigerator you want to buy.



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