Best Air Fryer Brands in India

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Best Air Fryer Brands in India


We all love eating deep fried crispy and crunchy food. They taste like heaven. But as we know deep fried food deteriorates our health. But now we can eat fried food without having to worry about health as there are some amazing air fryer brands who’ve created exceptional air fryers. Here is a list of brands that manufactures the best air fryers. 



Philips was the very first brand which worked on the concept of air frying and manufactured air fryers that just blew everyone’s mind. The air fryers have been made by keeping a lot of aspects in mind. They took a step towards healthy eating. The money you spe get the Philips air fryers is optimally worthy. 

The Philips HD9218 is the best selling air Fryer in the market due to its efficient working features. The motor has power of 1425 W that gives massive performance and helps you in eating tasty and healthy food at the same time. It is functioned to cook healthy food therefore it uses 90% less fats. Using it is a cake walk as it is very easy to use and handle.

While frying it uses the rapid air technology. It is very easy to clean and you wouldn’t create a mess like before. It will last for ages and comes with 2 years of warranty. You can buy this product from all the online stores or shops near you. They have a vast range so you can go ahead and choose your favourite Philips air Fryer. The customers are highly satisfied and you can be the next happy customer. 



Havells has been ruling the market with its top notch kitchen appliances since ages and air fryers are their speciality. You get superior quality air frying in affordable rates. They have successfully created a huge fan base of their air fryers . You’ll be startled by looking at the variety. This brand will satisfy you the most. Havells air fryers always perform Greatly and stands up to your expectations. 

Havells prolife Digi Air Fryer is the best selling air Fryer for a long time now, clearly for its efficiency. It has a powerful motor of power 1250 W which works super smoothly. The design is very unique and adds elegance to your kitchen. You get a warranty period of 2 years.

You can clean it easily. You also get to control temperatures as per your requirements. It functions with rapid air technology and makes the food 10 times more healthier. The capacity of the air Fryer is of 4 litres which is huge and you can cook sufficient quantity food at once. Your food will never be over cooked or under cooked as the auto on off timer will manage everything. Get this home from your nearby stores or online platforms and be a part of the happy customers’ family. 



Inalsa has brought some top level air fryers in the market. They are trust worthy as they have been here since a long time and understand customers’ convenience and satisfaction. All their products including air fryers can be purchased by anyone as they are very reasonable. 

The Inalsa Fry light air Fryer is best at doing its job and make food healthy. The cooking can carry up to 4.2 litres. You can cook quality and quantity food at the same time. After your frying is complete you can easily clean it without creating any mess.

You can set the timer as per your convenience and control it with the adjustable knob. You get a warranty period of 2 years. It’s powerful motor supplies 1400 W and makes frying faster and healthier. The body is made of ABS. It is super light in weight. You can easily consume fried food without having to worry about your health. Its rapid air technology maintains the crispiness of the food.

It comes with a handle which helps in maintaining grip. Go ahead and make it yours. You can check other versatile Inalsa air fryers from all online platforms and nearby stores. They have satisfied customers from everywhere. 



Balzano is one of the oldest existing brands when it comes to kitchen appliances. They have huge experience and know what people want. Hence their air fryers are class apart. They will serve you the best and healthiest food. Balzano cares about its customers therefore the pricing of the air fryers are convenient for every person. If you believe in old is gold then you should totally go for Balzano air fryers. 

Balzano digital Air Fryer is the best that you will get in the market. It has a very unique look that is made to enlighten your kitchen. It uses 95% less fats which is exceptional. You can now eat fried food anytime you want without worrying about your health.

It’s capacity is also greater than any other air Fryer in the market. It can store up to 5.5 litres. It is made up of ABS and very light in weight. The rapid hot technology functions smoothly due to which minerals and vitamins in the food stay intact and don’t go away. The motor is powerful and circulates 1700 W. You get a 1 year warranty period with this purchase. Get your favourite Balzano air fryer from nearest appliance store or any online platform. They are known to satisfy their customers to the fullest. 



Kenstar is the leading brand when it comes to air fryers. They have modified their air fryers interestingly. They have been in the market for a very long time and will stay in your kitchen forever. All Kenstar air fryers  are very classy and affordable. You don’t have to worry about the rates and make the best Air fryer  yours.

The Kenstar Aster Oxy Fryer is the best in the market and has very high demand. It is very pocket friendly and class apart. It adds up to the beauty of your kitchen. Its motor is very powerful delivering 1500 W power and making the air frying process easy.

It comes with a 1 year warranty period. The body is made of ABS plastic. It has a capacity of 3.5 L. You can fry in quantity and the quality will win  your heart. It is very easy to handle and you can clean it easily after using. You get to control temperatures digitally and a recipe booklet along with it. It is light in weight and very low maintenance. Bring this beast at your home by shopping it from online stores or nearby local markets. They have satisfied customers from all over the world. 



Maru is gaining more and more popularity because of their air fryers. They are super efficient and never disappoints anyone. Their air fryers are stylish, elegant and highly efficient. Maru air fryers are cost effective and you get to avail quality without paying any heavy price. Choosing Maru air fryer for healthy living will be your best decision. 


Dr. Charcoal

Dr. Charcoal is the ultimate king when it comes to air fryers. They have high graded technology and efficient performance. Their brilliance is attracting people and they are gaining popularity with time. They have been here from a long time and Dr. charcoal is very trust worthy. All their air fryers are affordable as they are made for the common masses. 


Shree Hams Creation

Shree Hans creation is the most trusted brand. Their range of air fryers will blow your mind and win your heart. They are highly in demand due to their efficiency and durability. All the air fryers are cost effective and you can buy them with in your budget. Bring Shree Hans Creations’ air fryer at home and experience the excellence. 



IBELL has immensely transitioned in manufacturing the best Air fryers. They have always manufactured thoughtful kitchen appliances that helps the masses greatly. Their air fryers are highly effective, cost friendly and satisfies you from within. Choosing IBELL air fryers for your home is definitely going to be the best decision of your life.

The IBELL AF23B crispy air Fryer is the perfect choice for your kitchen. It has constantly been in the number one position when it comes to air fryers. You get a capacity of 2.3 litres which will help you cook quality food in great quantity. The powerful motor works on 1200 W. The smart rapid air technology helps in making the food healthy and eliminates fats.

You can control the temperature with completely adjustable knob. You also get to choose the amount of time with the timer. The air fryer looks very stylish and elegant and brightens your health, kitchen and life. You get a warranty period of 2 years. Get this amazing air Fryer at your home from your nearby stores or online platforms. They have a huge fan base and satisfied customers all around the world. You can be the next happy customer by getting an IBELL air fryer home.


Choose the best from the bests. All the best! 



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