9 Best Air Conditioner Brands In India

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With the rise in temperatures in India year after year, it is difficult to entrust fans and coolers to keep the scorching heat at bay. Air conditioners have become increasingly popular, and even a necessity among the majority families of India. The ACs have already made their way into numerous homes. In the ocean of air conditioners for the consumers to make a selection from, it becomes increasingly difficult to make the best choice. Due to increasing demand and rise in competition among various brands, the market is constantly updated with new and upcoming models equipped with the newest technologies.

While picking the best air conditioners for your home, the most important factors to keep in mind are subjective to your requirements and priorities. The fundamental things to check while purchasing an air conditioner are:

  • The brand of the air conditioner
  • The size of your home which requires cooling and the corresponding tonnage of the air conditioner
  • Your budget
  • The features and configurations offered by the AC
  • The Energy efficiency of the air conditioner, and
  • The warranty offered by the manufacturer

Below, we have taken care of the first factor, that is, the brand of the air conditioner, by listing down the best ones in the market. We have spoken a little about the brand, to give you an idea about where it comes from, the products and services it offers, along with the types of air conditioners and the most impressive features offered by them.

So let’s dig in!

Voltas is a sixty year old company dedicated to making top notch air conditioners, refrigerators and other cooling technology. It was founded in 1954. In the same year, it launched India’s first air conditioner. This company also holds the credit for manufacturing India’s first split air conditioner, first floor standing split air conditioner, first sub one tonner air conditioner, first corner split air conditioner, and many more such firsts.

The brand Voltas is a very trusted brand in the industry of air conditioners. They offer a larger range of best in class air conditioners to the Indian clientele. They are market leaders, with their wide product ranges to meet all types of requirements. From split ACs, to window as well as inverter ACs, they have it all. Enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in your room with the help of active dehumidifier and intelligent heating features on their air conditioners. To ensure a uniform cooling within the room, the air conditioners are equipped with a 3D flow system which lets the vents swing in multiple directions. Now, beat the sweltering heat thanks to the air conditioners from Voltas which come with an instant cooling feature that almost immediately cools down the room. Other fantastic features presented by the air conditioners from this brand include multi adjustable mode, high ambient cooling, smart dry technology, smart humidity controller, steady cool compressor, multi stage filtration, eco friendly controls and much, much more. Additionally, with this brand you get the best value for money ACs which fit all types of budgets. With this brand, you are definitely in good hands.

  • Whirlpool

In the 1980s, Whirlpool came to India as a joint venture with TVS and first set up a manufacturing unit in Pondicherry. Whirlpool has a global experience of over a century in designing and manufacturing home appliances. In India, Whirlpool is headquartered in Gurugram and has 3 state of the art manufacturing plants in Faridabad, Pondicherry and Pune. Whirlpool is known for its washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, as well as air conditioners.

We are no strangers to the excellence that are whirlpool’s air conditioners. They not only keep you cool on hot summer days but also keep you warm on chilly winter nights. The latest in the ACs that Whirlpool has to offer is the 3D cool range of air conditioners. It is powered by 6th sense Intellicomfort and other futuristic technologies, such as the dual fan compressor, and the four in one filtration along with the anion shield. This brand of air conditioners offers seamless and unparalleled cooling experience.

The 6th sense IntelliComfort technology equips the air conditioner with a Smart Intuitive Logic chip that lets the outdoor and the indoor unit of the machine communicate with one another to adjust the ac working according to the humidity levels in the environment. So you can simply push a button and relax. The ACs are also equipped with smart diagnosis which conduct real time monitoring and self diagnosis of any errors. Along with such fantastic features, Whirlpool ACs come with their best in class services. With the Whirlpool Magicare Assurance, you will be guaranteed a call back within 2 hours and a service within 24 hours of reporting a problem. This is all thanks to the presence of more than 3500 service centres all over the country. You can blindly trust whirlpool as they make best in class products with an incredibly reliable post sales service.

  • Daikin

Daikin air conditioners come from a company called Daikin India Air Conditioners Pvt Ltd, which is a subsidiary of a japanese company, Daikin Industries, Ltd. It was founded in 1924, with headquarters in Osaka, Japan. This company is a world leader in the manufacturing of commercial, as well as residential use air conditioners. In India, Daikin has over 7500 Channel partners, over 600 authorized service providers and a great network of warehouses and sales offices.

The air conditioners that this company makes come in many different forms depending upon their use and requirement. They include split ACs, cassette ACs, floor standing ACs, VRVs, rooftop ACs and ducted ACs. Other products made by them include air purifiers, chillers, industrial and transport refrigerators. Even though this company is mainly involved in commercial cooling technologies, its split ACs have become increasingly popular among many Indian households.

The Daikin air conditioners are designed with a unique Coanda panel design which creates a special airflow pattern to efficiently and evenly cool every part of your home. The indoor unit runs quietly, by optimizing speed level to give you an undisturbed comfort. The Power chill feature helps cool the room in a jiffy to deliver the best performance even in extremely hot climates. The Econo mode gives an efficient operation thanks to its power consumption limiting technology. Some of the air conditioners offered by this brand also come with mobile app controls, and voice controlled using Alexa and Google Home. Some other features offered by this company include Intelligent eye, which detects when the room is empty and reduces power consumption; the patented steamer discharge to remove bad odours, bacteria and viruses; 3D airflow technology, and self diagnosis of errors of quick and easy troubleshooting. This brand truly makes modern and sophisticated air conditioners, making it feature on our list of the best AC brands.

  • Sanyo

Sanyo, in Japanese, means “three oceans”, which are, Atlantic, Pacific and Indian ocean. With an aspiration to expand throughout the world, Sanyo Electric Works began its journey in Honmachi, Moriguchi city, Japan, in 1947. With over 7 decades of experience as a world leader in household appliances, this company has truly accomplished its mission. Other than producing top notch air conditioners, televisions, home theatre systems, radios, vacuum cleaners, and cellphones, this company is also credited with developing the world’s first lithium battery.

Sanyo makes excellent 1, 1.5 and 2 tonne ACs, perfect for the mid range market and suitable for every type of Indian family. Sanyo air conditioners come with a full inverter technology which means that the AC will accommodate settings according to different types of usage patterns to give you optimum energy savings. With PM 2.5 and anti dust filters, breathe easy and safe when you bring home a Sanyo air conditioner. The Glacier mode allows the fan to run at a 35% higher speed to deliver instant cooling of any room. The Autorestart mode allows the AC to restart after a bower cut, at the same temperature and function settings as it was set to before the power cut, so you can enjoy uninterrupted cooling. Set the AC to EcoFunction to enjoy energy efficient and light on pocket electricity bills. Sanyo ACs are built with 100% pure copper condensers for hassle free and long lifetime of the AC. The R32 refrigerant used within this AC protects the condenser from overloading, accidental fires and is also ozone safe. Many more features include backlit remote, hydrophilic fins, hidden display, timer and sleep functions. With over 350 service centres all over India, Sanyo is a great choice to get your next air conditioner from.

  • Blue Star

With an annual revenue of over 5405 crore rupees, Blue Star is a pioneer of India’s air conditioner and refrigeration solutions. With a system of 32 offices, 5 state of the art manufacturing sites, over 3000 personnel and 4000 channel partners. With over 6000 shops for domestic air conditioners, packaged ACs, chillers, cold rooms, refrigerators, and refrigeration systems, and 1100 service partners catering to 1000 towns and cities. Blue Star’s unified role as an air conditioner manufacturer, contractor as well as post sales service provider allows the company to offer top to toe solutions to its consumers. Hence, it comes as no surprise to us when we hear that every third commercial building in India has Blue Star appliances installed.

The air conditioner types offered by this company include inverter split AC, fixed speed split AC, window AC and portable AC. The air conditioners come with a unique virus deactivation technology and can also be used as air purifiers, thanks to their multi filter stages made up of 7 filters to keep dust (PM 2.5), allergens, pollen, and harmful airborne pathogens at bay for your utmost safety. Experience a seamless cooling experience thanks to its fuzzy logic, ultra wide frequency microprocessor based controller and precision cooling technology. The air conditioners by Blue Star provide quick cooling with longer durability and a noise free operation as compared to other models in the market. The air conditioners come with a brushless DC motor, a climate control setting, a powerful mode and allows two users to personalize their own preferred settings. They also feature an IFeel design that ensures your comfort with in-built sensors within the remote, a hidden display, smart detect technology, sleep mode, anti fungus technology, anti corrosive fins and much, much more. With so much to offer, Blue Star makes pioneer models among mid range air conditioners for Indian households, and this brand comes highly recommended from us.

  • LG

LG is a very big name in the department of household appliances. LG electronics, originally known as Gold Star was founded in 1958. It is a South Korean multinational company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. LG offers a large range of ingenious, practical and sleek split and window ACs. The company strives to inculcate the latest technology in all their products.

The newest generation of LG Air conditioners boast of a Dual Inverter technology, 4 in 1 convertible cooling, Ocean Black fin, Double filtration, Low gas detection, Stabilizer Free Plus and a lot more. The Dual Inverter compressor with a Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor comes with a greater rotational frequency, allowing you to save more energy, as well as giving you a greater cooling range as compared to conventional air conditioners. This makes sure that the air conditioners not only make the cooling faster and more efficient, but also save you your hard earned money. The Ocean Black fin provides unmatched protection towards dust particles, smoke, chemicals, corrosion and UV rays. The latest range of air conditioners offered by LG also come with a compatibility towards mobile phones by connecting with Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and LG’s very own ThinQ App. With these, you can control the AC even when you are out of your home. The filtration system designed by this company can catch dust particles which are as small as 10 micrometers, and can also remove allergens such as pollen, dust mites and animal fur. With such wonderful technology, it is hardly astonishing that LG tops the leaderboard year after year in being a fan favourite of every homeowner.

  • Carrier

On July 17, 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier invented modern air conditioning, giving birth to this air conditioning and refrigeration brand that we today know by the name of Carrier, which is practically responsible for shaping the world that we live in today. This company is the mother of all air conditioning systems, so there is no doubt about how remarkable and best in quality their products are.

Carrier air conditioners are known for their consistency. They do a phenomenal job at controlling temperature, humidity and air quality in every room that they are in. They make one of the most energy efficient air conditioners. Their ACs are efficient, energy saving and very quiet on operation. With an infinity system control, Carrier ACs not only control the indoor environment to your liking but also kill and inactivate upto 99% of mould, fungus, virus and bacteria.

The advanced defrost technology allows you to operate your AC even at freezing temperatures of -10 degrees. The turbo mode powerfully cools your room at 800 CFM to evenly distribute the air. The KW Display continuously shows you the kilowatt power consumption of your air conditioner. The air conditioners also come wifi enabled and voice controlled over the Carrier App, Google Home Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The Hybridjet variant of the air conditioner offered by this company provides with uninterrupted cooling even at temperatures as high as 55 degrees celsius, with a power consumption as low as 195 watt. Carrier ACs are ideal for operation in all weather and if your top priority is saving up on energy bills, then Carrier is the brand you should go for.

  • Godrej

Godrej is a well established Indian brand of household appliances. This company is responsible for one of India’s first inverter ACs by launching it in 2005. At present, Godrej Window and Split ACs to its consumers.

We will talk about some of the key features you can encounter in a Godrej AC.

The air conditioners from Godrej come equipped with Arctic Cool technology and Hurricane mode to enable a quick cooling of your home.

Within a few minutes, you can expect the temperature to drop to as low as 16 degrees. Conventional air conditioners come with a two way swing setting which is usually up and down. But Godrej air conditioners come with a unique four way air technology, which is up, down, right and left to give you a seamless and even cooling experience. The top models from Godrej also come with iSense technology. It detects the presence of the user in the room and concentrates a greater cooling limited to that area for maximum comfort. The sensors are present in the air conditioner itself, as well as in the remote. This enables the air conditioner to detect temperatures from the farthest corner of the room and customize it to your liking. The Catechin and silver ion filter give you an added layer of protection when you use Godrej Air conditioners. Godrej is also extremely conscious about the environment as the refrigerant used in their ACs is R290, which has the last potential to harm the ozone layer and cause global warming. All in all, Godrej is an outstanding Indian brand and you must definitely consider an air conditioner from them for your next purchase.

  • Panasonic

Panasonic is a century old Japanese brand of household appliances. What started out as a tiny company of manufacturing sockets for bulbs has now grown into a giant corporation, providing jobs to over 5 lakh people all over the world. Panasonic has already established itself as the number one air conditioning brand in Japan and is quickly climbing up the leaderboard in India, and we will tell you why.

The split ACs from Panasonic come with an iAuto-X technology that gives an unparalleled room cooling. With the help of Panasonic thermal enhancement technology, the air conditioner runs the fan and the compressor at topmost speed to cool up your room rapidly. Once the room is cooled, by a shower cooling feature, the AC throws cold air to the ceiling to prevent you from being agonizingly cold. The Aerowings that come with Panasonic ACs customize cooling as per your liking. A lot of the models also come with an inbuilt heater to keep you comfortable in any weather. The TwinCool Inverter with EcoNavi is perhaps the best feature of Panasonic ACs. It uses inverter technology to adjust the compressor power usage depending upon the temperature set and the temperature of the incoming air. This enable you a hassle free usage of the air conditioner without you having to worry about switching it off all the time. The EcoNavi sensor is an advanced feature with the help of which the AC detects the area it has to cool, the number of people in the room, the intensity of heat outside, the degree of human activity and cools the room according to all these factors to the most comfortable setting. We recommend you keep Panasonic air conditioners on your shortlist for unmatched cooling and air quality.




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